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A good Yixing pot should enhance the tea brewing experience. It should be aesthetically pleasing and functionally perfect in use. The raw clay should be mined from a pure seam of clay. The naturally forming seams of clay in Yixing are unsurpassed amongst clays for teaware and have been sought after for hundreds of years by the most discerning of tea drinkers. This raw clay should be aged outside, with the passing of weather and time removing impurities and refining the raw clay. It should be stone-ground, ensuring smooth, rounded particles before being worked and beaten by hand by a clay master to make it ready for a skilled potter to craft.

The art of the potter is in giving form and life to this lump of clay. Using traditional methods and hand-carved tools, they beat, work and craft the clay by hand, building and shaping slabs of clay into the body, lid, handle and spout and bringing all the parts together into a work of beauty, balance and refinement.

This has been the history of all of our Yixing Teapots. We offer a selection from National Craft Master Chen Ju Fang, and also some older pots other yixing studios & factories which use exceptional clay. These teapots can accompany us for a lifetime of tea drinking and will come to life with use, enhancing the tea that is brewed in them and beginning to glow and shine with use and love.

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