2015 EoT Huang Shan Shu 15 trees


This tea comes from Huangshanshu - a village in the larger Bangwei area. Made from 15 of the oldest single trees in the garden, this is a very pure, powerful and thick ancient tree puerh tea. Due to their older age and larger size, these trees were separated out to be harvested and processed separately from the rest of the garden.

I can highly recommend this tea. It has everything I look for in a gushu puerh.... thick and rich in the mouth and throat, powerful but refined, with good energy and an ability to thoroughly satisfy.

This tea was grown naturally without pesticides or fertilisers. We confirmed this with a lab test for agrochemical residues by one of the leading laboratories. Two hundred of the most common agrochemicals were tested for & no traces were detected. The report is available for viewing here: 2015 Huangshanshu pesticide lab test report

2015 EoT Huang Shan Shu 15 trees

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