2014 EoT YunYun Puerh Tea


We thought we'd found our teas for this year with the four other cakes we pressed.... then we tasted this. It was collected by a friend of ours from a Lahu village to the north-west of Menghai. He met an elderly lady from there while filling up at a petrol station, began chatting somehow about tea and she invited him to come to the village to see her 400 year old tea trees. The village is very remote, only recently connected to the power grid and isn't on the list of destinations for the many tea buyers crowding Xishuangbanna. As such, the trees haven't been overpicked and the quality of the tea is excellent... bright and vibrant.

There is some smoke, from the rudimentary processing equipment (just a wok on a fire!), but this should settle and evolve over the next few years, and isn't overpowering at the moment. The tea is thick and full in the mouth and throat, fizzing with energy on the tongue. The aftertaste lingers and evolves... still present over half an hour later. For those who like thick, meaty puerh - this is the tea for you.

This tea was grown naturally without pesticides or fertilisers. We confirmed this with a lab test for agrochemical residues by one of the leading laboratories. Two hundred of the most common agrochemicals were tested for & no traces were detected. The lab test is available to view here: Yun Yun Lab Test Report

2014 EoT YunYun Puerh Tea

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Customer Reviews

Wild and powerful

Review by Alexander
A great tea, which really "tastes fully handmade": very fresh and smoky with a pleasant light bitterness and some rough edge. The smokyness gives this tea a very special character which sets its apart from other teas (especially those with an unpleasant smokyness) – absolutely loving it!
(Posted on 31/12/2015)

A powerful tea, hitting the palate like a dragon

Review by Freddy
The cake itself is probably hand pressed but it is kinda surprising how many leaves are packed into a rather small shard of the cake. It is still easy to separate the cake so there is no tool needed, just strong hands. I was not using a specialized gong fu ceremony, because i think a great tea is even able to shine when doing harsh mug or "grandpah" brewing using a big pot. In term a tea is unable to handle it well, it is probably not my favorite tea... to be blunt. Especially teas such as this one tend to be hostile to "challenge brewing", such as grandpah or mug style because they simply may reveal to much power and tend to become unbalanced by going "insane". However, with this tea which is a potential issue-child using such methods it is working very well, as long as not way to much leaves used, simply handle amount with care and the tea truly is able to reveal a hard hitting complexity but still without overpowering. At the same time it is able to stay smooth and well balanced, which is in usual close to impossible with teas able to deliver such a sheer power output in the body. Finally i was a mad sheep and was taunting a werewolf, but it was handling it with bravery. I can say for sure, it is a rare spec of Pu Erh. The tea is of astounding quality and one of the most pungent teas i ever had in my cup and i was tasting a lot of teas already so it got some meaning when i make such a claim. The taste is a good touch of wildflower smell with smoke (probably fully handmade at every single step using fire) and a minor sweetness that will go along well when used together with dried fruits such as dates or figs, a good contrast. I think the trees are probably medium age, not young but probably still no Gushu yet. However, the tea was certainly picked and handled very carefully in any aspect. The only downside is the rather high price but it is well worth the price...
(Posted on 16/02/2015)

A very rich tea

Review by Empty Cup

A very rich tea: mouth and throat filling with a long finish. Smoke is present but plays well with others and doesn't overstay its welcome: fading out by infusions 6-7. That leaves at least a half dozen more infusions before Yun Yun hit's middle age and starts to weaken. I find this tea satisfying well past 20 infusions over a period of 24 hours: richness, huigan, flavor and finish fade, but only slowly. That kind of strength and endurance does suggests maocha sourced from well tended trees that haven't been "mined" through years of over-harvesting. Two cakes purchased were tightly compressed with a slight smoke aroma. Dry leaves were very clean. Spent leaves clean and beautiful. Yun Yun has some rough edges but is definitely enjoyable now. Infusion parameters for this review: 6-7 gr cake, 100ml gaiwan, water heated to "fish eyes" (more or less: minnows to start with, then albacore, finally a swordfish: 185-212 F :-), flash infusions, lengthening very slowly as the tea dictates.

(Posted on 07/11/2014)

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