2014 EoT "Yuan Wei" Puerh Tea


From a small garden of approx. 60 ancient trees, surrounded by a protected nature reserve in Mengsong area, this is really one of the best environments I've seen tea grown in. It's completely unspoilt by human hand and miles from the nearest habitation. The clearing containing the tea trees is weeded by hand and no agrochemicals are used.

The tea is bright and clean, with a thick texture penetrating the mouth and throat. The qi is refreshing and uplifting. When pushed there is a strength and light bitterness that comes through - a characteristic of good quality Mengsong area tea. It's very smooth and refined.

We sent this tea for a lab test, testing for 200 agrochemicals. No traces of any agrochemicals were detected. The lab test is available to view here: Pesticide Test Report


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Review by David
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(Posted on 22/01/2016)

A raw meteorite that may reveal a golden core at extended flight time

Review by Freddy
Honestly, i had a very hard time figuring out the characteristics of this tea. So i was drinking a whole cake and even after the essence of the entire cake has been affecting my body i am still not very certain about its true nature. Somewhat i have the impression that there is some core that is still covered by lot of debris, a bit like the behaviour of a raw meteorite that might be losing debris during flight time. Although i think or actually feel, sometimes there can be to much mind and humans are generally pretty heavy on mind especially when they have a lot inside already. Thats why i try to make a mixed approach and the most critical thing is still the body feeling. Now, hearing at my body, the tea seems to be to harsh... at current condition it is not smooth. Now i dont know if it is even correct handing out a judgement because some people say "dont judge, just have fun". However, fun itself got low meaning to me and when there is something i hate the most... it could be something with low meaning. Judgement is always involved but fun is the peak of the mountain, kicking in when the judgement is in a enthusiastic condition, it doesnt stand by itself unless someone isnt able to judge at all. Now this is almost the condition of this tea, i am almost unable to judge when it comes to the teas potential. At the current condition i can say that the tea got a special aftertaste which is one of the most powerful ever experienced, this is a strong hint of astounding quality. However, my body is telling me that the tea is to harsh in any bigger amount. So either i use a 100 ml Gon Fu at no more than 5 cycles or i use a blend, for example a 50:50 blend with YunYun is almost perfect. But i think, the tea simply need to age a lot... it is way to young,... this tea may need at least 5 year maturity and in a aged condition it is able to become smooth and it my lose the harsh "debris edges" which is currently apparent. Odd is that a black leave my be revealed, somewhat a rare but true debris that is coming from the ground where the trees are growing, surely very authentic i can say. It does stand for the entire cake, such as any other debris it it may leave the cake over time... but the possible result is a tea with a aftertaste rarely ever experienced, perhaps the very core of a meteorite. Still, in order to create a impact on me... it may need the right flight time and direction and someday it will be there, pretty certain.
(Posted on 09/05/2015)

Very refined puerh

Review by Antonio
True to its "terroir", this tea is very elegant while being at the same time rich and thick like old tree tea should be. I really like it!
Once you have finished brewing the leaves, you may want to try eating one or two of them: you will be surprised on how good and strong the taste continues to be!
(Posted on 15/04/2015)

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