2014 EoT "Du Quan" Puerh Tea


Thick, oily, powerful, smooth... what's not to like? Barring our pressings from Guafengzhai, I think this might be one of the best cakes we've pressed so far. It has plenty of body and strength to age well and is vivid, lively and interesting to drink now.

This tea was grown naturally without pesticides or fertilisers. We confirmed this with a lab test for agrochemical residues by one of the leading laboratories. Two hundred of the most common agrochemicals were tested for & no traces were detected. The lab test is available to view here: Du Quan Lab Test Report


Customer Reviews

Smooth and balanced

Review by Alexander
This tea is very very smooth and balanced with a full body – no rough edges to be found. Thick and oily is perfectly fitting!
(Posted on 31/12/2015)

Refined Strength

Review by Empty Cup
EoT's penultimate 2014 pressing after Guafengzhai yields a deeply satisfying infusion with a lingering finish. Huigan biased toward sweet early on but balances as infusions progress. EoT's description ("thick, oily, powerful, smooth...") is accurate but modestly understated. Du Quan's a very refined tea. As refined as EoT's 2014 GFZ pressing but it's the refined strength of well-made Bangwei from carefully sourced maocha. With a careful hand Du Quan can yield dozen or more very rich, full-bodied infusions before fade to old age (circa 20 infusions). The cake is well made with compression loose enough for easy separation. Dry leaves fragrant. Spent leaves beautiful. Eminently drinkable now. Brew parameters in this review: 6-7 grams of cake, 100 ml gaiwan, water just off boil ("raging torrent" to "string of pearls"), flash infusions: couple seconds to start, gradually lengthening as tea dictates.
(Posted on 12/11/2014)

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