2012 EoT QiShengGu Puerh Tea


Located on the Lincang/Simao border, QiShengGu is a real village with a fictional name. We were asked not to reveal the real location of this village in order to prevent it becoming spoiled by too many people turning up there to buy the tea. The village is surrounded by ancient tea trees said to be around 400 years old. This tea is produced entirely from these trees. These leaves were picked in early Spring - the first flush of the year. Combined with the drought this year, the leaves of this tea are small, with a high concentration of buds. The tea is completely handprocessed, sun dried as maocha, stone pressed, then allowed dry naturally.

The tea is pure and fresh, with a quick sweetness and long aftertaste. The bitterness is well balanced, enough to convey the strength of the tea, but pleasant to drink now. The mouth and throat are comfortable and coated by the oily, thick tea. The tea is active in the mouth, transforming as the flavour lingers in the mouth.

2012 EoT QiShengGu Puerh Tea

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Customer Reviews

Nice daily drinker

Review by Martin
I purchased this cake as a "daily" (or at least several times per week) drinker. I've had problems in the past with younger sheng being too harsh on my system. A shame, because I really enjoy the flavor profile of these youthful teas. I'm happy to report that so far, I've been able to drink the QiShengGu on an almost daily basis without any ill effects. I find this to be a rather mildly sweet tea with a subtle bitterness that gives nice balance. As others have mentioned, this is a very calming tea. I'm glad that I purchased a full cake.
(Posted on 12/05/2015)


Review by Azalin
Almost after two years after this cake has been made I find it really good. The taste has mellowed a bit, qi is strong and huigan is pleasant. Although the cake is very lightly pressed and it can be easily taken apart by hands only, I think there's definitely an aging potential. We will see in several years. Hopefully, because it's definitely a great tea for everyday drinking right now. :)
(Posted on 18/12/2013)

Pure and unadulterated

Review by Mgoat
This is my first tea from EOT and I am highly impressed. It has the most pure subtle tea flavours and what I can only describe as a natural taste, which I think is testament to the EOT commitment to sourcing chemical free leaves. It does make me think again about what is in other teas when I compare this to them. I am tempted/frightened by the prospect of the tasting for chemicals set that is on offer - it might put me off other teas I own, which is a two edged sword! In any case this is an excellent tea and is very calming. All feels in balance when I drink it.
(Posted on 06/10/2013)

An old soul in a young tea

Review by Beverly
(Posted on 11/06/2012)

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