2012 EoT Bulang Puer Tea 400g


This tea was a bit of an experiment for us. We'd found 2 different maochas from Bulang mountain, which were each excellent, but in different ways. One was old trees from around Manmu village, while the other was old trees from a few km away. We went back and forth, trying to choose one of them to press into cakes, and in the end decided to blend the two teas. The Manmu was very pure in flavour with a strong qi and strong ku (pleasant bitterness), the other was thicker in the mouth and more sweet in the aftertaste, but also with a strong qi.

My feeling is that the result has turned out well. The strong ku of the Manmu has been tamed a little and become more thick, while the other has benefited from some extra bitterness and qi. Thick and exceptionally smooth, the bitterness that Bulang is famed for is nicely balanced with a quick, sweet aftertaste and long evolving flavours and sensations in the mouth.

We'll need to see how this ages, but my feeling is that this is the best Bulang tea we've made so far.

This tea was lab tested for 200 of the most common agrochemicals. None were detected.

2012 EoT Bulang Puer Tea 400g

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2012 EoT Bulang Puer Tea 400g cake
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Customer Reviews

Bulang at it's best!

Review by Alexander
Raw and powerful, lots of (pleasant!) bitterness and very rich – this is how a perfect Bulang should be. Recommende to everyone who likes the rather "bludgeoning" type of pu'erh.
(Posted on 15/04/2016)

5 Star Monster

Review by Gavin
I am extremely new to the world of puerh tea, however Essence Of Tea is showing me the way with their uncompromising quality, and this cake for me is the best I have tasted from them so far. I instantly fell in love with their 2010 Mansai, but have been searching for a tea with a little more power and raw energy. So I decided to try a sample of this 2012 Bulang, and enjoyed it so much that I have now gone and bought a whole cake.

On first steep you can tell that this is going to be a rich, fat monster. I detect a warm, inviting hint of smokiness when I breathe in the aroma. The magic for me really begins from about steep 3 onwards. The liquid is reasonably thick and you can feel it coating your mouth, tongue and throat. There is some powerful bitterness there, which develops very nicely into a sweet aftertaste. This is exactly the sort of tea that I was looking for. Bold, powerful, rich and dynamic, it delivers multiple sensations on the tongue, that play with your senses long after you have finished a steep.

I don't know really what else to say. For me the tea is incredible. It's raw energy and strength of character shines through making it a delectable little monster that may take you to an enlightened state of euphoria. Thank you EOT for creating a marvelous tea...I cannot wait to try a few others soon.
(Posted on 17/10/2013)


Review by Rist
To describe this tea in a few words: Stubborn, strong qi, surprising and interesting for the more experienced taste buds. For a full review of this tea: http://risttea.blogspot.be/2012/10/bulang-2012-from-essence-of-tea.html
(Posted on 02/10/2012)

Absurd strength - Provider of clarity.

Review by THOMAS G
5.5g 100ml Porcelain Gaiwan. quick infusions.

Just to preface this review, as a person i inhabit a slightly transient impressionable disposition, probably why pu-erh energy resonates so strongly with my psyche. So when i say this tea had me in fits of giggles after the third infusion please understand how susceptible i seem to be to qi of teas. However imho this tea is a marvel of power its energy is astounding rousing me from tiresome indecisive post slumber state to highs unimaginable prior to the brewing of such beautiful leaves, hands down the most transformative tea ive encountered so far. Citrus fruits and healthy bitterness are dominant taste ontop of a lovely thick grainy base, over ripe fruits of tropical in origin provoke my taste buds to differentiate but sadly i can neither think or even see straight as the qi of this bulang is thunderously strong ;totally overwhelming almost; a certain behemoth of invigorating relaxing calming qi help to sustaining meditative enquiring temperament . physical sensations are encountered, lightness fills my arms/torso neck, a heavy sensation takes to my knees - swirling playful heat within the body warming lungs and lower back; amongst other areas ,this heat ceases to diminish in power for some time; most palpable indeed, unrelenting waves of euphoria will not allow my mind to rest until i have to take to the nearest chair in hopes of recovering equilibrium. After returning somewhere close to my senses i feel compelled to rush of this review typed in frenzy provided by the hefty bulang experience. wholeheartedly recommended for the bottom of my tea drenched heart. Incredible!!!. If i were wealthy i would buy a tong in an instant.
(Posted on 02/07/2012)


Review by David R
This is for me a unique tea. I am usually not a fan of young puerh from Bulang. Not fruity enough for my buds I guess... Here, I am compelled to admit that there are exceptions. This tea is really something. While smelling the leaves, one could imagine how rich this tea is going to be. There is some bitterness but that do not cover the other aspects of this tea. The fruit especially. There are also some nice peppery/spicy notes, vegetables, smokiness, a lot of things really... The tea has a great aftertaste, will stay with you for hours and evolve very nicely. One of the best puerh I have ever drunk.
(Posted on 30/06/2012)

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