2012 EoT Baotang Puerh Tea


Baotang is located in the Mengsong region of Menghai. This tea is produced from trees said to be around 300-400 years old. This tea was produced in cooperation with a local friend from Menghai, who stayed in the village for 2 months this Spring, setting up a hand-processing workshop and processing the fresh leaves himself.

The qi is very strong and the liquid is medium-thick in the mouth and throat, inducing saliva. The flavour is clean and fresh with a medium bitterness. As of Sept 2014, it seems to be progressing well. It is becoming smoother and richer & evolving into a very good quality, powerful tea.

The evolution of this tea is interesting. When we bought it, we were advised that tea from this area really takes a few years to come into its own. This has certainly been true of this tea - the first few years were quite changeable for it, but it has now settled. The thick, pure tea liquid is very pleasant to drink and the strong energy continues to be a powerful point of appeal.

2012 EoT Baotang Puerh Tea

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Customer Reviews

Light flavor, heavy Qi

Review by Alexander
This tea really stunned me. The flavor is buttery smooth with a light sweetness about, but the Qi is absolutely phenomenal! Don't be fooled by the low price tag and the rather light flavor – this is a real gem.
(Posted on 31/12/2015)

Underrated and unspectacular kind of gushu with potential

Review by Freddy
This tea is a very mellow probably mostly Gushu type of tea, since the trees seems pretty old- Although i would always be careful when it comes to the judgement of age because unless the trees are cut... i guess its almost impossible to tell a exact age. Most teafarmes tend to exaggerate the true age, which is obvious because in China the older the better and the newer the worse in general. What surely can be said its not a plantage tree, it is considered "arbor type", in my mind simply a pretty natural garden that is a bit like a small forest and in usual close to the highest spec someone could get in term of Pu Erh and a high chance that no agro chemicals has been used. I got a sample of this tea so im glad i was able to test and the taste is somewhat with a almost faded hint of smoke, a slight cane sugar sweetness , hint of dates with a touch of dried fruits. As well a minor bitterness and almost no astringency which is a strong sign that the trees are probably of pretty high age since the older teas tend to be less astringent. But because of its rather unspectacular and smooth and somewhat feminine way of taste it is kinda a tea which is not able to turn itself into the best light possible. Although the cha-qi is clearly a outstanding one and this tea can only truly be valued by the truly sensitive persons that do appreciate a feminine approach, especially for the pretty thirsty persons because this tea is very gentle on the body on absolutly any term. Making it a great every day tea at a rather good value but still not the best possible. However, this tea is able to mature even more thus the value could increase with age... it will simply be luck of the dice because as always, no one knows how a Pu Ehr will turn out. The results depends on way to many factors but i surely can say this tea is neither spectacular but at the same time able to satisfy almost anyone with its gentle and smooth nature.
(Posted on 05/02/2015)

Mixed feelings

Review by Danny
I'm not sure what to make of this tea. There's a slight hint of smoke on the nose, which I like; in the mouth, there's not much going on, some vegetal flavours maybe, then it leaves with a nice bitterness and a very pleasant lingering sweetness in the mouth, which is the best bit about the tea. Good but didn't blow me away. If it were cheaper, I'd happily drink it every day.
(Posted on 25/02/2014)


Review by David R
I honestly had the hardest time describing this tea flavourwise. Yet, from the moment I smelled the cake for the first time till the actual tastings, I found something really deep and satisfying.

It is pure, with a light astringency. The bitterness is discrete and turns quickly into sweetness. The aftertaste is the best part : the tea invades your throat then your nose just after you've swallowed it, leaving a nice feeling which stays for a while. With time, details come and go. Qi stays.

I am sure this tea will evolve into something great. This is obviously some very nice material.
(Posted on 10/07/2012)

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