2012 EoT Bangwei 33


Produced solely from 33 of the oldest trees in Bangwei village (unfortunately not the 1700 year old one though!). This tea was purchased from 4 different Bangwei families by a friend of ours last spring and stored as maocha. We bought the maocha from him and pressed these cakes this spring. The tea is completely handprocessed, sun dried as maocha, stone pressed, then allowed dry naturally.

Unfortunately I stood on the stone to press these cakes & perhaps didn't stand long enough - the pressing has loosened a little with time!

The tea is thick and rich. It has lost the green edge of the fresh leaves and begun to settle. The qi is apparent from the start and the tea liquid active in the mouth and throat. Some hints of honey sweetness in the long aftertaste.


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Review by David J
This tea is trully a high quality Puerh. You can tell how healthy the trees where by the incredible thickness of the leaf. That translates into a nice thickness when the tea is in the mouth. I can't believe this tea is still available! The only EOT pressing that I thought was better was the Mannuo which sold out in days.
(Posted on 05/08/2013)

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