2009 Da Xue Shan Wild


Along with Qianjiazhai, Da Xue Shan is one of the most sought after regions in Yunnan for wild trees. The altitude is over 2000m and the wild trees busied deep inside the forest, making the environment exceptionally pure. There is a huge quantity of very old wild trees here, many of which are thought to be >1000years old.

These 200g cakes were pressed in 2009 by a Malaysian tea merchant and stored in Malaysia ever since. The storage has been clean and the tea is ageing very nicely. This tea itself is of the "Sweet Wild" type, but slightly different character than the tea from Qianjiazhai. The character lies somewhere in between Qianjiazhai's wild taste and more normal old tree tea - more focussed and concentrated than many wild teas. This makes for an interesting taste. The energy is very strong and the aftertaste very long. This is an excellent wild tea - aged nicely for 8 years and at a price that is lower than we could buy fresh tea from this region for.


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Very interesting tea

Review by Lee
I really enjoy this tea. It's very relaxing has a lovely smooth, full mouthfeel and a great taste. I don't know exactly what the taste is, it's hard to describe because I've never tasted anything like it.
Lovely long lasting lingering after taste and returning sweetness with nice qi that also lasts a long time.
2 thumbs up!
(Posted on 22/11/2017)

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