2008 Shuang Long Bingdao (Malaysia Stored)


This is an interesting Bingdao cake, especially in contrast to the 2006 Bingdao Peacock cake we've been stocking for the past year or so. Unlike that cake, which was stored in Kunming, this one has been stored since 2008 in Malaysia. The storage has been clean and the difference in climate means that already it's tasting older than the younger Kunming stored cake.

The tea is thick and vibrant in the mouth. In the first couple of steeps, the flavour feels slightly light, but then the tea opens up and the quality of the leaves becomes really apparent. The qi is nice and the tea is smooth and energetic. This is a nice tea, made from good quality old tree leaves from an area that has become very famous in the years since this cake was pressed.

2008 Shuang Long Bingdao (Malaysia Stored)

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Clean with bitter notes

Review by Invisible Beings
Clean with a fairly bitter profile, leading me to shorter steeps. I experienced the energy landing in the midsection of the body and as clean but not strong. I drank this with an oily meal and the clear and bitter profile helped to cleanse.
(Posted on 28/10/2017)

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