2008 Qian Jia Zhai Ancient Wild Tuocha


We're often asked how wild tea will age & have been hunting for some nice aged wild teas to offer.

This is the first, hopefully of many aged wild teas that we will offer over the coming months and years. It was pressed by a friend of ours who was buying wild tea from Qian Jia Zhai in the mid-2000's. He was pressing for his own personal collection, but agreed to sell a few of these tuocha to us to share with tea lovers who were interested in wild tea.

The tea is bud-heavy and pressed into tuocha shape. It has been stored in Guangzhou for the past 9 years, in a dry & clean environment. The qi of the tea is very strong, a product of the ancient wild trees and very pure environment in Qian Jia Zhai. The taste is light at first, but becoming thick and rich within the first couple of infusions as the tea opens up. It is very smooth with honey and ripe fruit notes and the beginnings of a nice aged flavour just apparent.


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