2008 Mr. Feng XT Puerh tea


From the same region at the 2007 "FD" Mr Feng writes:

This area lies around the border of Menghai and Lincang and hosts Lahu, Wa & Han minorities living within a small region. It is a mixed minority area, living together but the Han are in the majority. The village I collected the leaves from has 20 families within an area not more than 1 mile in diameter, but some of the other villages in this region have 50-60 families. Most families have built their houses leaning into the mountain and constructed them of bricks made of soil. A long time ago many of the houses were made of straw and wooden shingles.
This is a very remote place. The villages are quite isolated and the villagers haven't had much contact with the outside world. I feel the people here are very pure and innocent. The tea forest environment is also very good. The trees look fairly old, but don't look very large. The local minority told us that the trees were planted around 6 generations ago and their ancestors passed these trees down to them. It's difficult to estimate the age of them precisely, but I can say definitely more than 200 years old!
Because the mountain is very high altitude, the temperature is quite cold & the tea trees grow fairly slowly. This is my own opinion, maybe this is why the trees don't look too strong and aren't very tall, but I think the age is quite old.

This tea is very clean and pure. The flavour is very well defined and the tea soup is quite thick in the mouth with good vibrancy. There are slight fruity tones coming in on the flavour. This is an excellent tea.

2008 Mr. Feng XT Puerh tea

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