2008 Bulang Ancient Tree


This cake was pressed by a Malaysian tea lover in 2008 and stored there since. We came across this cake on our trip to Malaysia this spring and were very impressed by the quality. Not only has it been produced from very high quality ancient tree leaves, but the storage has been impeccable & really has left us feeling very impressed by the effect of the Malaysian climate on puerh tea.

The tea is incredibly pure. There are hints of what was once a little smokiness, but this has transformed into a lovely camphor flavour. There are also hints of the famous Bulang bitterness, which has also transformed nicely into a very thick sweetness. There is vibrancy in the mouth and the beginnings of a very nice aged flavour. I'm very excited about this tea and very happy that we were able to buy some to offer to tea lovers in the West.

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Review by Zach
The taste is simply incredible, classic sheng flavor that ends with a meat like quality in the first couple steeps. I get vanilla in the nose from the liquid, citrus coming off the top of the gaiwan lid. And it never seemed to fully steep out.
(Posted on 14/11/2014)

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