2007 Mr. Feng MXL Puerh Tea


Despite Mr. Feng's reluctance to reveal the location of his teas, the characters MXL lead us to take a guess at Man Xing Long and, with a laugh, he confirmed it. Man Xing Long is in the Mengsong region of Xishuangbanna at an altitude of around 1700-1900m. The surrounding ancient forest is designated as a protected region by the Chinese government.

This tea is produced from trees that are several hundred years old. This is evident also when drinking the tea. It is thick and rich, coating the mouth and throat.

The tea is very smooth in the mouth, with good bass notes. Comparing it with Mr. Feng's 2007 FD, I'd say this is richer and also more lively in the mouth. The qi is good & the aftertaste is long and sweet.

This has been stored in Xishuangbanna since 2007 and is aging well. The edges of youth have mellowed considerably and is in the process of transforming and developing mildly aged flavours.

I can recommend this tea for those looking for a good quality old tree tea from this period at a reasonable price.

2007 Mr. Feng MXL Puerh Tea

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