2007 EoT Qi Sheng Gu (pressed 2013)


From ancient trees in the same village we made tea from last year. A farmer in the village had been storing this maocha since 2007. It has hints of what was once a slight smokey flavour. This has mellowed and transformed into a very pleasant a camphor/plum character in the tea, with the beginnings of a nice aged flavour. It is very thick in the mouth, with a very long aftertaste. This is our bargain of the year I think. Teas like this at this price don't come around very often.


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lovely, clean and relaxing

Review by Lee
For me this tea is everything that's great about old tree raw pu-erh. The feeling of this tea in the mouth is lovely, very smooth and slides down the throat so easily. The taste is dried fruit/burnt sugar and just grows in the mouth with a lovely returning sweetness that induces saliva.
Then there's the wonderful relaxing cha qi. This tea puts me into a very relaxed, contemplative mood. The amount of infusions per pot is amazing, I used 4.5 grams in a 60ml yixing pot and got at least 12! Good bang per buck!
A great tea all round
(Posted on 23/10/2017)

Great taste & nice qi

Review by Tea Monkey
Where to start? This is my first tea of this quality and I must admit I wish I had stretched the purse strings earlier! So, I normally rate a tea on 4 things:1 the quality of the pressing, 2 the smell of the dry tea 3 the smell of the wet tea and 4 the taste and qi.
Here goes: The quality of the pressing of this bing is very good; you can see whole leaves and buds in the cake and the surface is nice and even. Next the dry smell: not very much going on for my nose here, just nice clean tea and a hint of smoke/camphor. No problems here!
Smell of wet leaves; nice subtle smokiness and dried fruit aroma, lovely. Also practically all the leaves are in tact, another sign of careful processing. Lastly the taste: What to say? Slight camphor background notes and strong plum and sugarcane up front which develops into a lovely sugary sweetness that stays for hours. The cha qi is narcotically relaxing and smooth- no jittery or anxious "high" feeling.
An absolutely fantastic tea at a great price.
If this is the quality of tea I can expect from E of T then I'll be back for more 5 out of 5.
(Posted on 09/10/2017)

Nice light Pu'erh

Review by Alexander
Thick, a bit of camphor and hints of plume but all the way some (positive) "lightness" about – this is a really nice semi-aged Pu'erh for a good price.
(Posted on 31/12/2015)

Great stuff!

Review by Danny
I really like this tea, far and away the favourite of all the teas I received recently from Essence of Tea. Thick and quite strong, with a nice fruity flavour and a definite smokiness on the nose. A tea in the Xiaguan stye but better than Xiaguan teas I've tried. Very happy with this one, good price too!
(Posted on 02/03/2014)

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