2006 EoT Da Xue Shan (pressed in 2013)


From ancient trees, and of a quality that is very difficult to find these days, we were really happy to come across 60kg of this maocha. Thick, strong leaves, bursting with energy. This is an excellent tea. It has been stored in Kunming - where the humidity is low, so it hasn't aged as much as the Qi Sheng Gu has, but the greenness has mellowed and the vibrancy of the leaves is still strong. This reminds me of the type of teas that used to blow me away, before the ancient trees in most areas started to become horribly over picked.

2006 EoT Da Xue Shan (pressed in 2013)

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Clear and present

Review by Tobias82
From the first sip, the tea is very present. A floral sweetness develops to a kind of bitterness, which is never too strong, but gives a direct drinking experience. The sweetness and bitterness are rounded in a deep "body", which is very pleasant to drink!

(Posted on 03/01/2014)

Delicate tea with pleasant bitterness

Review by Hoonill
To be honest, this tea is the hardest to decribe amoing my recent orde from EoT. This is the third time to brew and I put more sufficient dose (almost 80 % full of my about 90-100 ml teapot after the third steeping) in my zhia teapot for sheng pu.
This puerh shows delicate but obvious hint of grapefruit flavour and oily texture as well as pleasant bitterness on the toungue. I can't decribe this tea as robust or strong, but this is more like "gradually soaked" type of tea, I think. I think that it may be because this tea is in the transient period from young puerh to more aged one, and so youthful flavours were subdued.
Anyhow, this is definitely pure and subtle tea to enjoy happily now and to look forward to appreciate it after a few year later.
(Posted on 25/09/2013)

fresh and floral and calming

Review by asaf
Thank you David for this generous sample. Dry leaves appear thick and vibrant, with a lovely fruity aroma. The brew is thick, soft and floral, with a long lasting aftertaste. Soothing and fresh sensations. Probably a good evening tea as it is not overly stimulating. Definitely high quality leaf.
(Posted on 18/09/2013)

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