2006 Bingdao Peacock


Following the previous 3 peacock teas, I thought we were maybe finished with this range of cakes coming from the economic squeeze. Happily I was wrong & we were recently offered this tea by a friend of friend in Kunming. He's been collecting Bingdao area tea since 2001 & his business is in the construction industry. With hard times in China, there's less and less apartment blocks being built, but he has substantial outgoings each month & decided to sell off some of his tea collection.

This tea was pressed in 2006 from old tree material & it really shows in the brewing. The tea is super thick, super vibrant with very strong qi. It has everything I look for in an old tree cake and, comparing it to some other tea he collected this Spring, it's obvious that Bingdao tea has already passed it's peak. This year's tea was watery and weak in comparison. The fame of this tea mountain was built on the back of teas like this.

He has a few cases of this for sale, so we've decided to offer a bit of a discount on the first case that we've bought. Hopefully he'll save at least another case of this tea for us!! The price and quality of this tea are both very rare to come across. I think anyone who appreciates old tree tea couldn't help but fall in love with this one.


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First Bingdao

Review by Zach
This is my first of any Bingdao puerhcha. It is a very clean tea. The first steep is super nice, almost smelling like an oolong but with incredible thickness and a long cooling aftertaste. Light flavors are contrasted by a tea that is thick, juicy and very oily.
(Posted on 31/01/2016)

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