2003 HK Henry "Conscientious Prescription"


To some, this cake needs no introduction. It was a special order production by Hong Kong's Henry Trading company from Menghai Tea Factory. It was a higher grade tea than the standard Menghai Tea Factory recipes and purported to contain a fair amount of old tree leaves. The packaging follows the famous 1970's Conscientious Prescription cakes with paper tong wrapper and design. The name of this cake in Chinese is 2003 认真配方, variously translated as "Conscientious Prescription", "Seriously Formula" or "Serious Formula".

I'm happy to be able to offer these cakes - they've been stored for more than 10 years in Malaysia & the storage has been very clean. The tea is thick in the mouth with a long aftertaste. It's vibrant and interesting to drink & a very pleasant well aged flavour. This is really a step above normal Menghai Tea Factory productions and very enjoyable to drink.


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