2000 Kai Yuan Green Stamp


This tea was ordered by a Malaysian tea master in 2000 for sale in the teahouse he was running at the time. It has been stored in Malaysia since then in very clean conditions. As with the purple stamp, there is a slightly smokey edge to the tea that is mellowing and transforming with age. From tasting, it seems to be composed entirely, or at least predominantly of old tree leaves.

The tea is rich, thick and oily in the mouth. It has lost the astringency of youth and is in the early stages of developing thick, rich, aged flavours. The tea is vibrant and energetic in the mouth and body, with the evolving complexity that makes it an interesting tea to drink.

Sept 2016 - After having sold out over a year ago of these cakes, we're happy to be able to find some more of these cakes, stored by a private collector. They're from the same batch and have had very good storage.

2000 Kai Yuan Green Stamp

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