1995 Keyixing Shu Puerh 360g brick


I don't normally drink much shu puerh, but when something stands out for me it's difficult to ignore. I came across this recently while chatting with an old grandad in a chinese medicine store. He brewed this up for me casually and I was struck by the clean storage, aged ripe fruit flavours, and thick mouthfeel that reminded me of old tree puerh tea.

I bought the last of his stock, so just have a bit of this. He bought it around 13 years ago and said it's from around 1995. From tasting, I can accept this estimate. Nicely aged shu puerh develops very special flavours that's difficult to find.

I can recommend this tea, to lovers of shu puerh, but also to those who rarely drink it.... it won me over! There are 2x360g bricks in a bundle. An order of 2 or more will include original packing..


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