1992 Da Ye Loose Leaf Sheng Puerh


This is a nicely aged loose leaf puerh. As with most aged loose leaf puerhs, there is some blending that has happened over the years. It was sold to me as being from 1992, but after tasting it several times, I'd suggest that many of the leaves are from a little later (~mid-90's).

Nonetheless, this is an excellent loose leaf aged puerh, with an exceedingly clean taste, smooth character and long sweet aftertaste. The leaves are large, thick and strong, with their flavour concentrated towards the back of the mouth and throat, suggesting their origins from old trees.

This is a great choice for those wanting an nicely aged puerh of a high quality that is inexpensive enough for everyday drinking.

(min 30g sample)

1992 Da Ye Loose Leaf Sheng Puerh

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Customer Reviews


Review by asaf
*Fantastic* complex aroma to the wet leaves after first rinse.

Good value. Superb woody notes. Golden brown infusions are clear in the cup.

In my experience it was initially warming, resolving into a fresh coolness in the upper body coupled with clarity of mind. very pleasant and balanced.

(Posted on 25/04/2013)

+1 Good value

Review by Jakub
I quite enjoyed this tea - not so much the taste, but the mouthfeel and its energy I did. Very nice pricing

I placed some more photos and notes here: http://jakubtomek.blogspot.com/2012/01/1992-da-ye-loose-leaf-sheng.html
(Posted on 22/01/2012)

1992 Da Ye Loose Leaf Sheng Puerh

Review by Sebastien
This pu erh allows us to enjoy the "old" puerh taste for a very reasonable price. It must be recognized that at this price, it is quite hard to find a tea that offers an overview as clear about what can be earthy and woody flavors of an old tea.
An overview only because the downside is that the rendering is monolithic and frankly it almost looks like an cooked puerh. Honestly, in blind tasting, I could opt for a shu cha.
Monolithic, monotonous, devoid of any remains of "greenness" reflecting the origin of the raw tea, but still very pleasant to drink as healthy, pure and round on the palate, with quality flavors.
In short, everything is in place (all but a small remnant of "greenness" is absent) and in the end it's really good.
(Posted on 26/11/2011)

Good value

Review by Ziga
This tea is a very good choice for everyday tea. It is nicely aged and gives very good mouth feel. For the price, this tea is a winner.
(Posted on 28/08/2011)

Another good choice to buy

Review by edp
With the xiao huang yin of the 90', this loose leaf tea is for me low-priced. One can have a interesting tea without spending a lot of money. Durability is medium, but the tea gives well done wooden flavours. I have paid sometimes 2 times more for a loose leaf tea closed to this one, but not so well done.

My mark : 5/5
(Posted on 24/08/2011)

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