1980's Bamboo-wrapped Tuocha



I came across these 80's tuochas whilst on the hunt for a relatively inexpensive, well stored aged puerh that I could drink more regularly.

These 80's tuocha have been stored very well. The leaves & liquor are clean and free from any hint of mustiness. This tuo has aged nicely, with a mellow, smooth taste, pleasant chaqi and a sweet, lasting huigan. The wet leaves are supple and nicely browned with age. I guess it may not have the complexities of taste of some bings from this era, but the price tag is far removed from theirs too. For me this tuo fulfills my needs perfectly - inexpensive, nice chaqi and pleasant taste.

These tuos originally come packaged in a bamboo tong of 5x250g tuos and bear the CNNP label, with the words 'Yunnan Jincha' at the top. Produced by Yunnan Sheng Cha Ye Fen Gong Si


Customer Reviews

Nice, easygoing tea

Review by Tuochatea
This big tuo performs really well. The aged taste is free of too humid storage odor, clean and very sweet with a hint of wood on the background. Also, it provides and interesting option to try an aged, nearly 30 years old tea.
The leaves are small and broken and the tuo is compressed really tight, as Xiaguan usually does, so it's quite a challenge to pry some leaves without damaging them too much.
I like this calming tea.
(Posted on 12/10/2011)

yummy xiaguan

Review by David J
This tea has been aged wonderfully. I have tried more dryly stored versions of this tea and found them to be lacking. I thought the qi from this tea was nice and while not quite as complex as bingcha's from the 80's still complex and flavorful.
(Posted on 22/09/2011)

Solid aged tea

Review by Elliot
This one has been a go-to for me since I bought a few a couple years ago. In my opinion, it might not be the most complex pu-erh I've tried but I definitely wouldn't describe it as simple. Though the price has risen considerably, I think it's definitely worth trying this tea to get an understanding of what well-aged Xiaguan tastes like. Compared to the Traditional Character 8653, I think this one's aging progress is more mature, if a bit more humid (though the humid note is one of my favorite aspects of this tea).
(Posted on 20/09/2011)

earthy, woody, but simple

Review by edp
This tea is interesting, but have been stored a little bit too wet for me. It lacks some complexity. The flavour are essentially earthy, woody and nuts. The qi is not very high.

I've bought this for 78£ which was a good price, the new price is, too my mind, not very interesting. Even if the price is good for a 80' product, we can find more interesting 90' products at similar prices.

My mark : 3/5

(Posted on 24/08/2011)

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