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For me, puerh tea is one of the most fascinating of all teas. With no other tea are we able to regularly drink leaves from trees that have been growing in pristine forest environments for many centuries. These ancient tea trees that provide a depth of refinement and thick, oily body that younger trees can't approach. It is these characteristics which ultimately prove the most satisfying and constant through the years as the tea ages and matures and as we (the drinker) progress in our appreciation of the finer points of tea.

Firstly the tea should be free from contamination by agrochemicals (which are, unfortunately, increasingly common). Next the tea should have good body, it should be thick in the mouth and coat the mouth and throat evenly with an oily tea liquid. This should pervade the mouth and throat and linger, transforming in sensation and flavour. It should have enough strength of character to provide an interesting transformation over the years.

High quality puerh tea can provide these characteristics and much more. It seems there is no end to learning and appreciating different aspects of this tea. The variations of terroir, age of the trees, processing and the effects of time, temperature and humidity of storage provide so many variables that it's difficult to tire of this tea.

In our range, we've tried to select examples of puerh tea from different periods and price points. We begin with some early cakes from towards the beginning of the cultural revolution in China, and progress through to the late 1990's when the tea factories began to be privatised. In the early 2000's it became more easy for private traders to press their own teas and, seeking higher quality teas than the mixed or plantation teas produced by the major factories, it became more common to to press pure ancient tree puerh tea cakes.

From this time period onwards, it is these ancient tree puerh teas that we specialise in. We offer selected pressings from other producers and also travel to the mountains of Yunnan each year to select raw teas and press our own puerh tea cakes. These are all from ancient trees and we make a strong effort to ensure that they're grown without the use of agrochemicals. They are hand-picked, entirely handprocessed, sun dried and stone pressed, before being slowly shade dried to optimise the aging potential of these teas.

We hope you'll enjoy these special teas.

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