EoT 3-leaf Liu Bao


Living in Malaysia and hunting around in the tea market here, we drink a lot of Liu Bao. Each batch of Liu Bao can be very different & shops here often repackage specific batches and sell them under their own brand. So far, we've adopted the approach of very basic labelling of the name, factory and age of each tea. This tea was enough to make me rethink that approach & I'm pleased to present our very first EoT Liu Bao.

I can hands down say that this is the most extraordinary liu bao from the past couple of decades that I've come across. I have very little information about it. From drinking, I'd say it's around 5-10 years old. The 45kg baskets are marked with the brand of a big factory, but it's very different from their productions and basket style. Perhaps this was a small production from farmers that was later rebranded by the factory for export or resale. It appears to have been processed in the very traditional (pre-1958) method of repeated steaming, rolling and frying before being fermented in the basket. This gives a very vibrant tea with none of the fermentation flavour common in liu bao and shu puerh.

When drinking the tea is active and lively in the mouth, there's a hint of camphor flavour, a very very long aftertaste and lots of salivation. As an introduction to Liu Bao, a daily drinker for seasoned tea connoisseurs or just a pleasant drink I can highly recommend this tea.

This tea is sold either in sample sizes (>30g) or in 100g packs

EoT 3-leaf Liu Bao

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Customer Reviews

Great daily drinker

Review by rahncha
I'm relatively new to liu bao in terms of my formative tasting experiences with this form of hei cha. However, this is a tea I actively crave and I drink it at least once a week. It's very clean and crisp, and is the perfect thing to drink after a heavy meal. There aren't really any crazy flavors going on, but it's most defining feature to me is how clean it is - 'what isn't present'. No off-putting mustiness or wodui-esque flavors. The only thing that is missing in this tea that I've had in other examples of liu bao and aged liu bao is a thick-creamy body, but perhaps that will come with age...
(Posted on 14/07/2017)

Decent liu bao

Review by Jay
This is a clean liu bao that does indeed taste like Southern China dry storage sheng, but with that little difference to the flavor profile that is unmistakably liu bao. This tea is smooth and has light sweetness. I also find it very calming. Certain teas make me catch up on lost sleep--this is one of them!
(Posted on 10/06/2017)

True to its description

Review by Theo
This is the first liu bao I've had without that wet piled (wodui) musky smell and flavor. It's quite a different experience from your typical wet-piled liu bao. Extremely clean tasting and more active in the mouth, not dissimilar to a nicely aged dry-stored sheng pu'er. The leaves are somewhat broken up, but the clarity to the liquor is very nice. Pleasant sandalwood notes and hints of camphor and nutmeg last for many steeps, all for a very friendly price.
(Posted on 07/02/2017)

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