1980's/early 90's Bliss Liu Bao


This Liu Bao was produced, imported and sold by Liang Rui Sheng (Leong Swee Sang /梁瑞生). Liang Rui Sheng is an old Liu Bao tea importer in Ipoh, Malaysia who have their own style of Hong Kong stored teas that are markedly different from the Wuzhou tea factories.

This tea is published as being from the 1980's, though I think 90's would probably be more accurate. It's quite unique - it hasn't gone through pile fermentation and has been aged from raw. The leaves are quite varied and it seems leaves from other provinces were used to make this tea. There's also no basket - the leaves were steamed and compressed inside metal cylinders in 40kg blocks, then simply put inside sacks for export and storage.

I almost missed trying this tea, having tried and disliked the strong storage taste of other teas from this importer. This one is quite different though - it's really clean and lively. To criticise it, perhaps the taste isn't as concentrated as the teas of a simliar era from the Wuzhou tea factories and it doesn't brew for such a long time, but it does also have its own charms. It's very clean and vibrant, with a very nice aged flavour. The aftertaste is very nice, inducing long salivation. Actually it's very pleasant to drink and the price is still quite reasonable for this age of tea.

1980's/early 90's Bliss Liu Bao

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