2006 "Betel Nut Aroma" Liu Bao


We found this Liu Bao tea on a recent trip to Guangzhou. It had been stored by a tea merchant there since he bought it in 2010. When he bought it, it was already a few years aged & he was told it was from 2006.

This tea is a little different from most of our other Liu Bao teas for a couple of reasons...

Firstly, it's been stored in China - all our other teas have had Malaysia storage. Nonetheless, the storage has been clean and the original flavours of the tea are allowed to shine.

Secondly, it's not a factory tea. The flavours from Wuzhou tea factory and Duoteli/Zhongcha are quite standard - they have their own character and fans and are sought after for those reasons. This basket has no markings and a different character of tea - it was likely produced by a farmer or small studio. Nonetheless, it has its own charms and character.

The first thing that struck me when drinking this tea is the strong Betel nut aroma and flavour present. Liu Bao is famed for this flavour and aroma, but it's not often so pronounced. This makes it very pleasant, with a long, clean aftertaste. The liquid is thick and full in the mouth. It's well fermented, with no off-flavours from the fermentation remaining.

We bought the remaining stock that this merchant had & are happy to offer this in our selection.

(Min. 30g sample)

2006 "Betel Nut Aroma" Liu Bao

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