2003 Wuzhou Tea Factory 0311 Special Grade 1kg Basket


These baskets were released for sale in 2007 and imported into Malaysia then. The baskets bear the code 0311, with the first 2 digits signifying the grade (0 being AAA or special grade), and the year (3 signifying 2003). It was common practice for them to store baskets for several years before making them available for sale, though in recent years that time has been reduced to 1-2 years. Inserted into the 12kg bulk boxes of this tea are also some retail boxes produced in 2007. The tea hasn't been packed inside these, and there's a little smell, so I'd recommend not using them for long term storage. Unless requested, we generally won't include these boxes.

The leaves are small and bud heavy, giving a very clean and concentrated flavour. Compared to many liu baos from other factories, the fermentation is relatively light, with heavier pine wood firing, leaving a tea that's very vibrant with a lot of character. The storage has been very good, very clean, with enough humidity to allow the tea to age well, but not develop even a hint of mouldy character.

This is a very nice liu bao, showing why Wuzhou tea factory teas are so sought after in the market.

2003 Wuzhou Tea Factory 0311 Special Grade 1kg Basket

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2003 Wuzhou Tea Factory Special Grade 1kg basket Liu Bao
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