1981 Dong Ding Aged Oolong Tea


This nicely aged Dong Ding oolong has enjoyed perfect storage.

The leaves were picked over 2 years (1980 & 1981), combined and packed in airtight jars. They have been opened in 2009 and we've since offered it for sale.

The aged taste of the tea is clean and pure retaining much of the taste of the original tea combined with the mellow richness that comes with aging. The roast has been fairly light allowing the actual flavour of the leaf to come through. This is an excellent quality aged oolong tea, that retains the purity of the original leaves, while offering a refined aged flavour.


Customer Reviews

Not my favorite

Review by Elliot
It's interesting to read the other contrasting reviews of this tea, as they contrast each other and at times my impressions of this tea. On the one hand, I can say this tea definitely exhibits the plummy notes you hope for when it comes to aged Taiwan oolong, but on the other I do find it a little tired-feeling and don't feel like its durability is as high as it should be. While the 70's tea is less typical of aged Taiwan oolong, I feel it's a better tea when it comes to brewing and enjoying.
(Posted on 20/09/2011)

Not very impresed

Review by Žiga
For me this tea is a little blank. Maybe it just needs a little roasting to freshen the flavors. For now the 70s pinlin aged oolong is a much better choice for me.
(Posted on 28/08/2011)

carmelized peaches

Review by DBJ
The aroma of this tea is incredible The smell of peach pie just makes your mouth water. It caries over into the flavor of the tea pretty well to. The qi is nice and lively. I prefer this to the 70s Pinlin for the price and better durability.
(Posted on 25/08/2011)

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