Puerh Tea Club – Spring shipment closing date


We’re back from the mountains, finishing up our trip in Yunnan and consolidating our teas in our Jinghong warehouse. Over the next few days we’ll be preparing and arranging shipping for the Spring shipment of our puerh tea club.

I know there are a few people who’d mentioned that they’d like to be included in the Spring shipment & thought I’d give more general advance notice. The closing date for those who’d like to be included in this Spring shipment is Friday 17th June. Orders after that date will receive 1 x 2016 Autumn and 1x 2017 Spring Shipment.

We’ve found some very interesting and special teas this year. I hope they’ll prove enjoyable for everyone.


  • Tomas

    When do you expect shipping?

    • essenceoftea

      Hi Tomas, Hopefully we’ll be shipping in around 7-10days.

  • Tomas

    Also can you give some small spoiler what is in? 🙂

    • essenceoftea

      I don’t want to spoil the surprise with exact details, but it should be over 1kg of tea in the Spring shipment. Single tree tea, very old wild trees and very old cultivated trees.

  • Tomas

    Is shipping included in price? How do you ship the parcels?

    • essenceoftea

      Yep, shipping is included. We’ll ship via EMS from China

  • chris sage

    So excited for Episode One of the Puerh club! Thanks D+K for curating this adventure for us!