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Over the past 6 months or so, we’ve been looking around in Malaysia and testing the clays of some different older teapots. Although we’ve been generally happy with the pots we’ve received from Chen Ju Fang and her apprentices, we began to realise more and more that pots made in the 80’s and 90’s could often match or produce better results than many of the pots coming from her studio – and often at a cheaper price too!

From the point of view of running a business, it might not be the best move – it’s very easy just to order batches of contemporary pots and have a stable line of products. Finding older pots takes much more work and they’re often only available in small batches or individually, but since our main aim is to find and sell good tea it’s nice to be able to offer the best teaware we can find to brew it in, even if that means a bit more work!

Over the coming few days, weeks and months we’ll be posting a range of pots. We’ll offer some less expensive pots that Yixing factory 5 produced in the 90’s, some 80’s and earlier pots from Yixing factory 1, some antique pots and kettles. Hopefully there should be something nice for every budget and people at every stage in their tea journey.

Yixing Teapot

  • Andrei Stepanov

    Could you please specify next time type of filter : multi-hole / one hole ? I hadn’t had a time to investigate as teapot was sold out in two hours as it was listed. I saw it as it was available. But the luck of information didn’t give me make right decision.

    • essenceoftea

      Sorry Andrei. I usually try to include this info, but must have forgotten for that pot. If you send me an email & let me know which one it was I’ll see if we’ve got anything else that might be suitable.

  • http://www.solutions4clutter.com/get-the-box.html Debbie Warren

    Love your philosophy to find the best tea pot for the best tea, even if it means a bit more work!