I arrived in Malaysia just over a week ago, and have spent a busy week buying the essentials for our apartment and sorting out our tea storage.

A few days ago, our 2014 tea arrived from China and I’ve just finished writing notes, taking photos and putting them online. Apologies for the poor photos… we’re still waiting for our photography lights to arrive with our shipment from the UK. That shipment should arrive here in a couple of weeks, and with it the bulk of our stock of tea and pots!

Until the end of September, we’re offering free worldwide shipping for orders over £100 and £12 flat rate shipping for orders under £100.

I’m pretty exhausted… it’s been quite a tiring couple of months. Hopefully things should settle down soon & I’ll be able to write some articles, some more comprehensive tasting notes, post some of the pictures and video we took this spring and add some new teas from Malaysia.

10 thoughts on “Arrived!!!

      1. Where in Malaysia? Oddly enough, I’m relocating from Sichuan province to Malaysia in about 10 days. I’ll be in KL.

          1. Oddly enough, I will also be working in Petaling Jaya (I said KL as Petaling Jaya is pretty much a suburb of KL). See you around there!

    1. Thanks pgho. I actually made a short trip there last weekend – there was a tea event for opening a basket of 50’s Pu Tian Gong Qing liubao in Butterworth. We stayed in Georgetown and had a lovely time. We’re definitely going to come back, with some more time to spare. Would be great to meet up for some tea if you’re around.

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