Woolley and Wallace Yixing Auction

I’ve spent most of an interesting day watching the Yixing auction happening at Woolley and Wallace in Salisbury (UK).

There were some beautiful and rare pots up for auction and some went for huge prices – many many times the estimates.  Their auction catalogue is online & makes an interesting read.


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  • Victor Judge

    I also watched and listened to the auction on line.

    It seems the Auctioneers had very little clue as to who made the pots and when,and could not read the seal marks on the pts.

    They for the most part placed £3-500 estimates on most lots anmd the predominantly Chinese bidders took it from there.

    It doesn’t inspire confidence in the auction house despite the result.

    • The Essence of Tea (David)

      I agree – the auctioneers didn’t really seem to know a lot about the pots. With the pricing, I guess the estimates don’t really matter – it’s the bidders who determine the value. I realised quite quickly through the lots that there weren’t going to be any real bargains. It would have been nice if the auction house had a bit more expertise though – there seemed to be some Chao Zhou pots mixed in there, but labelled as Yixing too.