Mannuo Puerh Draw

The winner for the second half of September’s draw (as randomly selected by is Fabien for his review of 1996 Orange-in-Orange.

As the competition goes on, there are less reviews being posted, so everyone’s chances are higher. Feel free to leave a review on the relevant product page to be entered into the next draw.

  • Fabien

    Thank you David 🙂
    I’m very happy and, at the same time, a bit ashamed…

    Very happy because Mannuo ’11 were sold out very quickly and being able to taste a full bing is a chance. And what about those great reviews about this tea! It looks like it might be able to make me lean a bit more towards very young pu’er, instead of those yanchas I usually prefer.

    And why then should I be ashamed? Just because I had a bunch of EoT teas for awhile and I never took time to post some reviews… until David launched this Mannuo competition. I feel like it would have been more honest to post before.

    Anyway I’m overall rather happy than ashamed and I promise to post on this tea when I’ll have tried it. It won’t be a descriptive and analytical review, may you all pardon me, but I’m not on that field when it comes to tea 🙂

    Let’s drink and enjoy, thank you again David, very sincerely.