• Tom O’Carroll

    I’m very pleased to see this. Some time ago I spent quite some time trying to look for “tea maps” of China and I was surprised at how hard it was to find anything of use. A fab use of google maps, and a great service to the tea community. Thanks David.

  • J.M. Keulers

    Hello David,

    I am a tea lover in the Netherlands who discoverd pu erh tea recently. On investigation on the Internet I found that pu erh is a town/village in Yunnan, China. What surprises me is that my Dutch tea broker sells pu erh tea as originating from Taiwan.

    Is the name “pu erh” also used for a specific type of woolong tea, regardless from where it is grown? I already learned that the tea shrub used for pu erh is a very large (and old) hybrid of “camellia chinensis”. This might then also be grown in Taiwan.

    Would appreciate to learn more.

    Kind regards,

    Hanny Keulers
    The Netherlands