A teahouse is born

Finally, after 5 long hard weeks of manual labour, we opened our teahouse. We had a great day – a little quiet in the morning, but the afternoon was a hive of activity. It seems this small town on the tip of England has a lot of knowledgeable tea folk already – we didn’t even have any requests for Earl Grey or English Breakfast! Instead quite a few people seemed well acquainted with oolongs and a few even with puerh.

The Essence of Tea - Opening

The Essence of Tea - Opening

The Essence of Tea - Opening

The Essence of Tea - Opening

  • Israel

    Congratulations. Looks lovely.


  • Elliot Knapp

    Congrats D, it looks awesome!

  • Salsero

    Great work! Wonderful to see.

  • Stephane

    Bravo et bonne chance!

  • chris

    Nice work you two!!! Looks absolutely beautiful! Finally a reason to go to England ;p

  • Maitre_Tea

    oh no! more people to "compete" with when it comes to buying your goods!

  • 五行雲子

    Congratulations big fella.. I'm down round-a-bout in that area this Summer on my hols, I'll pop by.

  • Kim

    Congrats !! I hope to see it
    in real life, soon !!

  • Anonymous

    On vous souhaite à tous les deux le meilleur que vous puissiez espérer dans cette nouvelle aventure !

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations! Well done.


  • Giri Mandi

    Oh,lucky day…


    Congratulations, best wishes & serenity to you & your lucky guests!

  • Matt



  • San Xi Tang

    Hello Nada

    well done. All the best with your new venture and I will look forward to pay a visit in the future.


  • drumhum

    Congratulations Nada.

    Your shop looks fantastic, I love that natural wood shelf.

    Cheers to a successful and enjoyable new venture.

  • Jered Stoehr

    CONGRATS!!! The place looks great!

  • Jacob ross Bodilly

    yay, yay.

    I love it.

    Jacob x

  • Stephen Shelton

    Congratulations on the opening of your new shop! It looks just great.