Earlier in the year Kathy (my wife) & I had planned to go to Wuyi together after our trip to Yunnan. Then the lease for our teahouse began to move forward and I volunteered to come back to get the teahouse ready. Kathy went on to Wuyi alone to meet up with a Malaysian teamaster and a few other tea friends who visit Wuyi each year.

Below are some of the pictures of her trip that she just sent me. I’m pretty jealous! No matter – there’s always next year.




  • Anonymous

    Does it mean there will be yancha in your selection?

    Anyway these are beautiful photos, especially the third one.


  • nada

    Dear Thomas,

    Not yet, though I do hope to get some in the future. It should be 8 months or so before this year's harvest is ready to drink. They need some time to rest after the roast.

    They are beautiful photos indeed – the environment is so pure and healthy. I think Yunnan would greatly benefit some some protected areas like the Wuyi Scenic Reserve.

    best wishes,

  • Anonymous

    A safe enjoyable trip for your Kathy.