Tea House in progress

I arrived back from China last Wednesday to receive a call from my Solicitor informing me that the deal had gone through that day for the lease for our Tea House. I’ve spent the last few days in demolition mode, tearing down the horrible plasterboard walls and exposing the beautiful natural stone beneath. It’s tough work, but I think it’ll be much nicer than I could have dreamed of previously. There’s even a couple of lovely fireplaces which had been bricked up. Perfect for a charcoal brazier and a woodburning stove for the winter time.


Tea House

More photos from the tea mountains to follow soon…

  • Terje

    It's great to see that your Tea House is on its way! I'm in England from time to time (some roman remains there!), and I will try to make a stop.

    Any exciting teas from Nadacha on the horizon? I never got my hands on last years pressings, and with the praize I've read I surly will try to get in the action this year.

    Your pictures showed terrible conditions and the prices of even Menghai seems to be sky-high…

  • Giri Mandi

    Oh, welcome back!
    Best wishes for successful rebuilding!

  • nada

    Dear Terje,

    It would be great to meet you, please do call in if you're in England sometime. I'll brew up something nice.

    There should be some teas arriving in the next month or so. We found some nice maocha in the mountains but the factory are a little busy at the moment. Hopefully the cakes will be pressed in the next couple of weeks.

    Prices seem to be up all round. Some places had modest increases, some seemed to be going crazy. Lao Banzhang for instance was around 2-3 times the price from last year (~1200RMB/kg) while Yiwu was around 600RMB/kg. There was still some reasonably priced tea around from less famous regions & I decided to concentrate on these places this year.

    Dear Giri,

    Thanks for the welcome. Demolishing is the easy part. It's the rebuilding which will take some care and attention.

    best wishes,