Rain at last!

Finally, after months of dry weather, it has begun to rain in Xishuangbanna. Last night we woke up to the sound of a thunderstorm and rain, and again tonight there’s thunder, lightning and heavy rain. This is good news for tea farmers – the buds will fatten up and the harvests will grow. Hopefully there’s not too much rain though – too much will dilute the flavour of the tea leaves.


It’s too late for these plantation trees though – they’re already dead & the farmers have begun to dig them up to make way for new seedlings.

Dead taidicha


  • Israel

    Ah, relief!

  • toki

    What a relief… Will there be any good harvest on "Pre-Ming" buds at this point? Or it won't happen until Mid-May?
    Well, at least the wild mushroom are plentiful after the rain 🙂 ~be well ~T

  • nada

    Hey Toki,

    Don't worry – harvests have been underway for a while. The buds are not so fat, but the flavour can be great.

    I've been making the most of the wild mushroom harvests so far, but looking forward to feasting! Kathy has been dreaming about the food here for most of the past year – the mushrooms, fried banana flowers, BBQ'd tofu and pineapple sticky rice are among our favourites.

    Good luck with your new endeavour – your selection looks delicious 🙂