Up in the air

I’ve been engaged in legal negotiations for the last month or so. I’m trying to take on a lease for a property which I hope could become a tea house. It has been quite good practice for me to have gone through this, I’ve been able to see my mind has reacted towards obstacles thrown in the way and have had to practice a fair share of patience with the 80+ year old landlady who can conveniently forget agreeing to some points, while rigidly sticking the enforcement of others.

A teahouse to be?

And so we’re kind of in stalemate at the moment while she makes up her mind on a couple of pretty important points.

It kind of struck me that this is a good place to be. I’ve been able to relinquish my attachment to opening a teahouse and step back a little. So I’m left with 2 likely scenarios – either I get the lease and have to rush back from Yunnan in late March to open up for the Easter rush of tourists to the tip of Britain, or I can take my time in Yunnan and can take an extra month or two to spend some time in Chaozhou and Wuyi to try to find some nice tea.

Either way I have confidence that we’ll open a tea house sometime. Either way will be good. A nice place to be. Let’s see what happens!

  • Maitre_Tea

    which option would lead the creation of special-made cakes? I regret missing out on the last series, and I'm wondering if/when you would take "pre-orders"

  • nada

    Both actually, although having a teahouse to attend to would mean I'd have to make my Spring visit to Yunnan a little shorter than I'd like… maybe just a month or so. Kathy would stay on after we'd found the maocha to make sure the pressing and shipping of the cakes went ok and I'd head back to the UK.

    I have an informal list of people who'd like preorders. I'll add your name to it and send you an email closer to the time. It's good actually – having some preorders lets me plan a little better how much tea I can afford to buy and press when I'm in the mountains.

  • δΊ”θ‘Œι›²ε­

    Did someone mention pre-orders? πŸ˜‰

    I hope you get your property, I found a shop here in Warwick with a flat above for a very reasonable price but alas was beaten to the draw. It was too early for me to open anything but when great cheap locations become available you have to snaffle them up!

  • nada

    > Did someone mention pre-orders? πŸ˜‰

    You've forgotten your new year's resolution so soon?


  • δΊ”θ‘Œι›²ε­

    I'm changing it to stop *drinking* instead… πŸ˜‰ …

  • Maitre_Tea


    time to start saving my pennies…

  • davidn

    I'd be interested in the pre-order list too. davidn+afl@gmail.com.

    I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to visit the UK and see your teahouse, but good luck with the whole effort.

  • Proinsias

    Good luck on the teahouse.

    I must confess I'm a little jealous as it couldn't be much further from me an still be in the UK. My counsin on the other hand lives just down the road in Penzance, he enjoys loose Chinatown shu, he should be in for a treat in the coming months.

  • Maitre_Tea

    I don't remember if my email is listed on my blog, it's MaitreTea@gmail.com

    I will respond through my "real" email address

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  • η˜‹η‹‚ηš„

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