Nannuo tea picking song

I thought I’d post this – apologies for the poor sound quality and short length, but you get the idea.

A Traditional Ai-Ni (the minority living in Nannuo) tea picking song…

  • Salsero

    That's great, Nada, thanks! She really seems to have a beautiful voice.

  • Teashop Girl

    Interesting. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Jason Witt

    It's nice to see a tea worker who isn't oppressed by terrible conditions. She seems really happy.

  • Prairie Girl Studio

    i so so wish we could hear more, but i am most grateful for a wee glimpse into this sweet tea picking song …
    thank you so much!

  • Adam M. Y.

    Hey Sorry I missed you on wikiChat.

    Feel free to email me:

  • Houstoninwa

    Thanks for posting this song. My husband and I recently wrote two songs about tea and its health benefits for a scholarship competition we are entered into and we learned so much. If you are interested, here are our two songs and music videos about tea.

    From YouTube:
    The Teacup Tango:

    The Scale of Tea:

    We'd love to hear what you think.

    Elizabeth Hill


    Interesting, at least they sing while they work! Jason, you're so right, that's what I like to see! My tea is picked with happiness, which in turn would exude happiness 🙂