Chen Qi Nan

I thought I’d post some pictures of a visit I had to Chen Qi Nan’s studio last week.

This man makes some really beautiful teaware. In past years he was an engineer, then gave it up to devote his time to making pottery and throughout he drank tea and practiced Qi Gong. These different aspects of his life come through perfectly in his work – his pieces have the practical construction of an engineer, the functionality that a tea drinker would wish for and the art and spirit of someone who has a feeling for more subtle things.

Many pieces he makes using pieces of wood he finds in the mountains and clay that he produces from grinding and mixing different stones he finds.

The results are truly amazing pieces of tea art.

you can click on the pictures for a better view…

chen qi nan

chen qi nan

chen qi nan

chen qi nan

chen qi nan

(more photos on my flickr page – follow the links in the pictures)

  • Anonymous

    Very lovely.
    Thank you for posting.
    I’m still searching for a kettle – did i scry some?
    I’ll be the first of many to ask…how does one….?

  • Anonymous

    I`m in love with this work..


  • Jason Witt

    You have great Yi Xing teapots in your store and also some nice Aged Oolong. I haven't seen that very often here in the US. Are you the Nada Cha on Facebook? If so I'd like to friend you.

  • loose leaf tea lover

    Wow, those teawares are gorgeous! It so important for the true experience of drinking quality loose leaf tea to do so the right way. This teaware seems like it would elevate the experience.

  • Pat Canella

    That's amazing, what articulate work! I might need to invest in a nice teapot on THAT scale!

  • rooibos

    Wow, lovely! So traditional. Beautiful!