I thought I’d post some photos of some of the trees I made tea from this year.

First up… Naka, a relatively unfamous mountain about 1 hour drive from Menghai, known for its abundance of old trees with characteristically small leaves & home to the La Hu minority. These trees are apparently ~400 years old. Smooth clean taste, with some bite and nice chaqi.

naka 11

naka 9

naka 10

naka 4

naka 2

naka 6

naka 8

  • author

    I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s a pleasure to read it.


  • Diogenes

    Thank you for the photographs and stories of your travels. It adds an extra dimension to my enjoyment of tea. Beautiful blog!

  • Prairie Girl Studio

    thank you so much for your most interesting blog!

    beautiful images and informative writings … something that i have shared with others today as i featured tea in my postings. i was so delighted to find your blog and will now visit often ~

    i wish you well in your future tea pickings ~

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