Sealing oolong

I’ve been experimenting a bit recently with a few attempts at DIY oolong roasting (more on this later).

One consequence of this is that I had some oolong which needed bagged up and sealed.

Having looked around at bag sealers of different degrees of professionalism and noting the general high price, I decided another approach was necessary.

Half an hour of google searches later, I came across a post in a coffee forum from someone who had been using hair crimpers to seal his coffee bags. The price difference is staggering – over £100 for a professional heat sealer vs. £10 for a pair of cheap hair crimpers. So long as it worked, there was no contest really. I decided it was worth a shot and, with Walmart just around the corner, I was soon in the possession of a fine set of Vidal Sassoon hair crimpers – they were even on sale!


They even came with a set of 4 styles of crimp plates that I can use – just in case I feel the need for a wavy seal on my oolong bags.


Despite reading the blog post, I wasn’t quite sure whether they would work, but once plugged in for a few minutes the plates had heated up nicely, and after holding the bag in for about 30 seconds, found they’d made a nice seal.

One drawback is that the seal is quite wide, but I guess this doesn’t matter – once sealed, the top part of the bag is rendered useless anyway & a wide seal can only be better for forming a barrier to air anyway.



All in all, a successful venture and I’m now happily sealing my old open bags of oolong.

  • Anonymous


    this is an amazing idea which i am going to try out myself too.

    w…..t it is!!

  • Sverrir Ásmundsson

    Thanks for the post. This will definitely com in handy. Now the question is where can you get unused sealable bags. Time to do some googling.

  • Bret

    Upton Teas sells tea storage bags of various sizes.

  • Norbert

    Just to let you know, I’ve bought this contraption (see link below) that works on batteries and really does the trick to seal not just tea bags but any kind of plastic for about 20 €. The seal may not be as solid as yours because it is thin. For anyone interested, I give you a link to an internet shop that sells Hermetic’bag :
    It’s in French ; I could find no English site for it (I have no interest whatsoever in this business).

  • Bill

    Nada, you cease to amaze me!

  • nada

    Ceasing to amaze you is a bit of a let down for a simple bag sealing post – I’m hoping you mean I never cease to amaze you ;)… and in that case, thank-you 🙂

  • Lainie Petersen

    Wonderful idea, and as I have hair crimpers, I will need to give it a try once I get some resealable bags. Thanks so much!