Kunming 3rd International Puerh expo

outside tea expo

Despite high hopes for this event, I have to say I was a little disappointed my day out at the tea expo. Filled with people, all handing out their business card, sussing out how how many cases you might like to buy from their factory whilst brewing their low quality teas that they brought for the general public to try, this place left me yearning for the quiet streets of the tea market.

fast food pu

I’m afraid I don’t have much commentary on this event, the atmosphere of commercialism wasn’t really my thing. I’m told though that this year’s expo was approximately 1/2 – 2/3rds the size of last year’s, another indication of the slump in the puerh craze of late.

scott drinks tea with Mengku representative

Scott did manage to find some good young teas to buy in quantity and some apparently great 2008 Jingmai Gu Shu Cha, which I haven’t had the opportunity to taste as of yet, but hope to soon.

puerh mixed with lotus blossoms

Some pu from a Taiwanese company, specialising in mixing their pu with various kinds of lotus blossoms. A pretty bing, but too floral for my taste.

tea expo general scene

  • Anonymous

    Prices increased in the Spring last year. Are the prices pretty much stable now? From the Expo, are there signals of them dropping later this year?

  • nada

    The prices have certainly dropped since last year and the tea market seems much more sober as a result. With many shops sitting on cases of their 2007 teas that they’re hesitant to sell for a loss. It appears to be much more healthy situation with 2008 teas at the moment.

    That being said, the wholesale price for a case of Menghai 801 7542 has risen from 1200RMB to ~2200RMB within the first couple of weeks of coming out. The Menghai stall at the expo had a sign listing their price at 3000RMB. Obviously this included a premium price for buying at the expo, but these rapid price increases just go to show that there’s still some fairly sizeable speculation going on in the pu business.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! That’s helpful info!

  • nada

    no problem, happy to help

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you on the overly-corporate thing – it does stifle things for me also.
    Enjoyed the hazy picture of the Scarlet Pimpernel of Pu-erh (Scott) – all of the photos I have seen of him (3) are a little…blurred.
    Talking of enjoyable pictures – the little person with the white dress in the last post was great – still makes me smile.
    How is the Dharma in Kunming? I’m sure you mentioned something about Tea and… in this blog.
    Bright Moments,

  • nada

    I’m afraid the blurry pictures are somewhat due to my reluctance to whip out my camera to photograph people. I have a dislike for putting others in a situation where they may feel uncomfortable – hence a quick shot from a distance in Scott’s case.

    The little girl in the dress was beautiful – shy, yet curious of this white skinned guy wandering around the tea market. This picture also makes me smile.

    There doesn’t seem to be so much of an external presence of the Dharma in Kunming. There are a few temples, but seem to be there largely for the tourists – with tour buses and entrance fees. I keep up my personal practice, but kind of miss some Sangha friends.