A Glossary of Chinese Puerh Tea


by Chan Kam Pong Editorial description: Smooth, rich and delectable - these words often appear when Puerh teas connoisseurs finally lay their hands on the best well aged Puerth vintages they long for. In this profound and fascinating world of Puerh, there are jargons and concepts confusing the novices. What are the Red Mark, the Blue Mark and Yellow Mark? What are their differences? How does a trademark ticket look like? Is a discus tea cake really a discus? You can always find the relevant and useful information or even answers to these frequently asked questions somewhere in this glossary on your own. Having this glossary in hand, you will be guided through the threshold. This is not a simply a glossary, it is also a mini-Puerh tea guide book which accompanies you while you travel around the world of Puerh tea. No matter whether you have started your exciting journey, this "A Glossary of Chinese Puerh Tea" is definitely on your list of stuff to bring along.

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Many things

Review by edp
This book is more than a glossary and have some informations about identifying cakes, about factories ... To this point of view, it is interesting, but in many articles I think some interesting information is missing. For instance, to be more precise about production dates, about well know teas of each factory (not only CNNP), about differences and similarities on differentsteas, ...

But even with lack of interesting informations, I think this book is a good choice to buy.

As the other book I've reviewed, pictures are beautiful and help us to have a journey in the past.

(Posted on 14/09/2011)

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