85ml 1987-1993 Factory 1 Hongni Shui Ping


The full story is here Yixing Shui Ping Teapots, but in brief these are part of a large batch of 1980's Factory 1 Shui Ping teapots that we bought here in Malaysia. The chops on the base were used by Yixing factory 1 between 1987 & 1993. There are several stamps in this box of pots, the oval stamp version appears to have been made in the year 1990.

They are made from high quality hongni and well fired. As is usual for shui ping teapots from factory 1, the lid fit isn't always perfect, usually a little movement, but functionally they're very good. Since the quality of clay used by Yixing Factory 1 was very good, these pots are highly sought after and more and more difficult to find in the market these days.

Inside is a single hole filter. In this batch there's some variation in the stamps on the base. The vast majority have one of two stamps, detailed in the photos.


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