1980's 'Yiwu Spring Buds' Menghai 7532 Puerh tea


A good example of a late 80's Menghai Tea factory 7532 recipe cake, these cakes come from a batch named "Yiwu Chun Jian" (Yiwu Spring Buds / 易武春尖) by a Hong Kong tea merchant in the early 90's. He stamped this on each of the tongs of this batch of tea. Despite the name, it's thought by collectors that this isn't produced from Yiwu Spring buds as the name would suggest, but is a late 80's 7532 production using Menghai area leaves.

The blend contains a lot of buds, both on the surface and throughout the cake, with a greater percentage of larger leaves towards the back of the pressed cake. The storage has been good. It has spent some years in Hong Kong, before being moved to drier storage in Taiwan. Some hints of it's origins remain, but not excessively so.

The flavour is thick and rich, with a hint of sourness, coming from the high percentage of buds. For those who have sampled the teas we've stocked over the past couple of years, It's interesting to taste the evolution in flavours between e.g. the 1996 Orange-in-orange 7532, this tea, and the early 80's Snow Mark cakes. The tea progresses well throughout the infusions, with the hint of sourness fading after the first few infusions and inducing salivation. The tea liquid remains rich and very pleasant to drink.


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